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List of relevant publications (chronological order)

  • C. Moseley, O. Henneberg, J. O. Haerter, Amplified convective precipitation from multi-merging (under review)
  • J. O. Haerter and L. Schlemmer, Intensified cold pool dynamics under stronger surface heating, Geophys. Res. Letts 45 (2018) 
  • J. O. Haerter, P. Berg, C. Moseley, Precipitation onset as the temporal reference for convective self-organization, Geophysical Research Letters, 44, 12, 6450–6459 (2017), DOI: 10.1002/2017GL073342
  • J. O. Haerter, A. Díaz-Guilera, and M. Á. Serrano, Noise-induced polarization switching in complex networks  Phys. Rev. E 95, 042305 (2017) 
  • C. Moseley, C. Hohenegger, P. Berg, J. O. Haerter, Intensification of convective extremes driven by cloud-cloud interaction.  Nature Geoscience 9, 748–752 (2016) 
  •  B. Eggert, P. Berg, J. O. Haerter, D. Jacob, and C. Moseley, Temporal and spatial scaling impacts on extreme precipitation.  Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 15 (10) 5957-5971 (2015)
  •  J. O. Haerter, B. Eggert, C. Moseley, C. Piani, P. Berg, Statistical precipitation bias correction of gridded model data using point measurements.  Geophys. Res. Lett., 42, 1–11 (2015).
  • C. Moseley, P. Berg, J. O. Haerter, Probing the precipitation life‐cycle by iterative rain cell tracking.  Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres 118 (24), 13,361–13,370 (2013)
  •  P. Berg, C. Moseley, J. O. Haerter, Strong increase in convective precipitation in response to higher temperaturesNature Geoscience 6, 181-185 (2013)
    • Nature Research Highlight: Harder rains in a hotter climateNature 494, 284 (2013)
  • C. Piani and J. O. Haerter, Two dimensional bias correction of temperature and precipitation copulas in climate modelsGeoph. Res. Lett. 39, L20401 (2012)
  • C. Chen, J. O. Haerter, S. Hagemann, C. Piani, On the contribution of statistical bias correction to the uncertainty in the projected hydrological cycleGeophysical Research Letters, 38, L20403 (2011)
  • S. Hagemann, C. Chen, J. O. Haerter, J. Heinke, D. Gerten, C. Piani, Impact of a Statistical Bias Correction on the Projected Hydrological Changes Obtained from three GCMs and Two Hydrology ModelsJournal of Hydrometeorology, 12, 556-578 (2011)
  • P. Berg and J. O. Haerter, Unexpected increase in precipitation intensity with temperature — A result of mixing of precipitation types?Atmospheric Research, DOI: 10.1016/.atmosres.2011.05.012 (2011)
  • J. O. Haerter, S. Hagemann, C. Moseley, C. Piani, Climate model bias correction and the role of timescalesHydrology and Earth System Sciences, 15, 1065-1079 (2011)
  • C. Piani, G. P. Weedon, M. Best, S. M. Gomes, P. Gomes, S. Hagemann, J. O. Haerter, Statistical bias correction of global simulated daily precipitation and temperature for the application of hydrological modelsJournal of Hydrology, 395, 199-215 (2010)
  • J. O. Haerter, P. Berg and S. Hagemann, Heavy rain intensity distributions on varying time scales and at different temperaturesJournal of Geophysical Research, 115, D17102 (2010)
  • C. Piani, J. O. Haerter and E. Coppola, Statistical bias correction for daily precipitation in regional climate models over EuropeTheoretical and Applied Climatology, DOI: 10.1007/s00704-009-0134-9 (2010)
  • J. O. Haerter, E. Roeckner, L. Tomassini, Jin-Song von Storch, Parametric uncertainty effects on aerosol radiative forcingGeophysical Research Letters, 36, L15707 (2009)
  • P. Berg, J. O. Haerter, P. Thejll, C. Piani, S. Hagemann, J. H. Christensen, Seasonal characteristics of the relationship between daily precipitation intensity and surface temperatureJournal of Geophysical Research, 114, D18, DOI:10.1029/2009JD012008 (2009)
  • J. O. Haerter and P. Berg, Unexpected rise in extreme precipitation caused by a shift in rain type?Nature Geoscience, 2, 372 (2009) 

Further publications by team members

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